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The Nuffield Cup
Congratulations to the MG Car Club of Toronto - Awarded the Nuffield Cup in 2016 for the 3rd time.

Tech Tips

The MG Experience - #1 MG resource on the Internet! The MG Car Club of Toronto does not maintain an online forum but if you are looking for one, try The MG Experience. Not only do they have pages and pages of technical information on everyone's favourite LBC, but they're also one of the best online communities you'll find anywhere.

The following articles have been taken from the pages of the OCTAGON, the club's quarterly newsmagazine and from other sources. Click on the title to open the article in a new window.

Alternative Alternators Diagnosing Starting Problems
Automotive Fuses - British Vs American Understanding Compression Ratio
Electronic Ignition & MG Tachometers Protecting MGB Circuits With Relays
Alternative MGB Heater Valves Brake Light Relay
Photos of the cut-away MGB at the Heritage Motor Centre Museum, Gaydon, UK
Spring Check-up List Cylinder Head Tune-Up (Valve Job)
Battery Maintainance Rust Removal by Electrolysis
MGB Alternator Upgrade
MGB Brake Rotors
MGB Brake Calipers
MGB Brake Master Cylinder
MGB Kingpins
Winter Storage
MG Trouble Shooting Guide Battery Disconnect Switches
Headlight Relays Overdrive Transmissions
Proper Shifting of a Laycock O/D MGB Gearbox & Axle Lubrication
Valve Cover Racing - Official Rules MGB Hydraulic Clutch
Ignition Run-On - 70's MGB's How-To Fold Your MGA Top
How-To Fold Your MGB Top (pre 1970) How-To Fold Your MGB Top (post 1970)
MGB Convertible Top Replacement MGB Side Chrome Molding
MGB Seat Renovation Problems With Modern Oils
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