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The Nuffield Cup
Congratulations to the MG Car Club of Toronto - Awarded the Nuffield Cup in 2016 for the 3rd time.

Events Calendar

Show your LBC some TLC by taking it out for a spin more often! Here are a dozen ways to hit the road beyond our regularly scheduled club events. Rack up the points and who knows - you could be the winner of this year's Tourist Trophy! (The Challenge runs from now until the end of October, 2020).
More information, the rules and challenge details can be found at the following link: 2020 Driving Challenge

Note to our visitors:
Due to the uncertainty surrounding the covid-19 pandemic, we have temporarily removed the events calendar and events page of our website. Once things return to a more normal situation these pages will return with revised event listings and dates.

In the meantime, you can still enjoy your MG by participating in the club's Driving Challenge and possibly winning the 2020 Challenge Trophy.
Jim Sweeney
Webmaster, MGCCT
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