For those of you who did not attend MG CANADA '92, you missed one terrific event. We were treated to live entertainment, fireworks, boat cruises, dancing to a live band, tours of the area, wonderful cars and fantastic people. One fellow drove his MGB from British Columbia - his way of celebrating Canada's 125th birthday. There was even a TC from Argentina. People came from all over the world to celebrate this event. Australia, Argentina, England and Holland were represented, as well as many cities from across the U.S. and Canada.

The entire week was like nothing previously experienced in the Peterborough area. There was something for everyone. Thanks go to Ed Moody and his group from the MG Car Club of Toronto and to Jerome Rosenberger of NAMGBR for all their efforts in making MG'92 such a tremendous success.

Some Letters

Dear MG Car Club of Toronto,
I write to acknowledge receipt of and to thank the organizers of MG Canada 92 for the trophy awarded to our TF at Peterborough. We shall display it proudly - and it shall be a reminder to us of an ambitious and memorable event. Personally, I have never seen so many MGs in one place. If the MG Car Club of Toronto does not receive any official "thank you" or "congratulations" for a job well done from the Ontario T Register, please accept my sincere expression of gratitude on behalf of our members.
Best wishes for more successes!
Bowmanville, Ontario

Dear Mr. Deans,
Congratulations on a fantastic meet in Peterborough. As past owners of an MGB (71) along with a host of other British sports cars, we felt that it was time to rekindle the flame. We were not disappointed! In fact, it was so enjoyable, my wife & I would like to become members of your club.
Very best regards,
Guelph, Ontario

Dear Johan,
Congratulations on hosting one of the most successful gatherings that has ever come to Peterborough. People are still talking about MG Canada 92.
On behalf of the Peterborough Kawartha Tourism and Convention Bureau, I would like to extend our praise to your club for co-ordinating a fantastic weekend. Ed Moody certainly has his heart and soul into the project and he is to be commended for efforts that went above and beyond the norm of committee volunteers. Congratulations also to Tim Bayley who also had numerous dealings with the Bureau staff. Once again another committee member truly dedicated to the success of your rally. It's no wonder the weekend went so well with such a strong and fun team of volunteers.
I'd also like to extend our sincere thanks from all of the Bureau members and local businesses who harvested the financial benefits of having such a large and high profile event in the community. Your arrival was a visual advertisement for the economic benefit our community derives from Tourism and Convention business.
Johan, please extend these warm wishes to your club. We hope that we will have the occasion to host you and your international contemporaries in the very near future.
Kindest regards,
Peterborough Kawartha Tourism & Convention Bureau

Dear MG Canada 92 Committee,
It was a great event. Thank you for all your hard work. Please enjoy this plaque and photos - a small but heartfelt representation of the gratitude of us participants.
The B.C. Contingent (on behalf of all participants)

Dear Ed and Johan,
I would like to congratulate you on the success of MG Canada 92. I truly had a good time and I know the participants also had a great time. Thanks for all of your efforts.
Yours in MG Spirit,
President, American MGB Association