MG 2015 is now over - see you all at future NAMGBR events.



You can find a slideshow of the photos taken by Charles De Bourbon as you drove into the park and ordering information for 5 x 7 prints of the photos at Please contact Chaz directly (and not the MG 2015 committee) regarding these photos.


MG 2015 Car Show Award Winners

Class 01. MGB MKI 62-65 (Pull Handle)
First Place: David Collier, Bound Book NJ USA

Class 02. MGB MKI 65-67
First Place: Norman Michaels, Lee NH USA
Second Place: Tony Shoviak, Waterville OH USA
Third Place: Clifford Schuenaman, Parma Heights OH USA          

Class 03. MGB MKII 68-69 (Chrome Grill)
First Place: Ed Friedlein, Welland ON Canada
Second Place: Ned Shields, Owings MD USA
Third Place: Dave Kray, Williamsville NY USA

Class 04. MGB MKII 70-72 (Recessed Grill)
First Place: Gloria Ciarrocca, Lancaster PA USA
Second Place: Diane Braun, Webster MN USA
Third Place: Robert Rushing, Saint-Louis MO USA

Class 05. MGB MKII 73-74 (Honeycomb Grille)
First Place: Ron Parks, Springfield OH USA
Second Place: Robert Bentzinger, Ferguson MO USA
Third Place: Colin Tyrell, Brantford ON Canada

Class 06. MGB MKIII 74.5-76
First Place: Ronald Kuhnau, Rockford IL USA
Second Place: Dave Hughes, Bowmanville ON Canada
Third Place: Carole Jefferson, New Freedom PA USA

Class 07. MGB MKIV 77-78 (Early)
First Place: Ryan Looft, Wilmington OH USA
Second Place: Terry Nydeen, Albany MN USA
Third Place: Rick Smith, Red Lion PA USA

Class 08. MGB MKIV 79-80 (Late)
First Place: Barry Humphrey, Hingham MA USA
Second Place: Elvin Davis, West Bloomfield MI USA
Third Place: George Barbari Tonawanda NY USA

Class 09. MGB LE 79-80
First Place: Kathy Goodman, Beavercreek OH USA
Second Place: David Handley, Strongsville OH USA
Third Place: Edward Haas, Nazareth PA USA

Class 10. MGB-GT 65-71 (Chrm Bump/No Vents)
First Place: John Mangles, St. Charles MO USA
Second Place: Mike Westland, Kanata ON Canada
Third Place: Harold Beamer, Fonthill ON Canada

Class 11. MGB-GT 72-74 (Chrm Bump/Vented)
First Place: Greg Moors, Stouffville ON Canada
Second Place: Ken Collins, Malvern PA USA
Third Place: Bill Johnson, Fall River NS Canada

Class 12. MGB-GT 74.5 Rubber Bumper
First Place: Jim Shulte, Harleysville PA USA
Second Place: Dennis Taylor, Holly Springs NC USA
Third Place: Steve Harding, Philadelphia PA USA

Class 13. MGB Factory V-8 All Years
First Place: Terry McClain, Charlotte NC USA

Class 14. MGB Modified V8, V6 etc
First Place: Ryan Looft, Wilmington OH USA
Second Place: Mike Cook, Roswell GA USA
Third Place: Cris Vandelinder, Westerville OH USA

Class 15. MG Midget 61-74 (Chrome B)
First Place: Ian Macnab, Haliburton ON Canada
Second Place: Bonnie Hankey, Harveysburg OH USA

Class 16. MG Midget 75-79 (Rubber B)
First Place: John Leible, Lockport NY USA
Second Place: Jeff Sigrist, Zanesville OH USA
Third Place: Paul Ford, Grand Bend ON Canada

MG 2015 Car Show Award Winners

Class 17. MG 1100/1300 All Years
First Place: Terry Looft, Wilmington OH USA

Class 18. MGC – All Years
First Place: Brian Tidmarsh, Stouffville ON Canada

Class 19. MGC GT – All Years
First Place: Paul Morrissette, Annandale NJ USA
Second Place: Tony Shoviak, Waterville OH USA
Third Place: James Tinkham, Springfield NH USA

Class 20. Modern MG (Post Abingdon)
First Place: Bob Riddell, Whitby ON Canada
Second Place: John Stevenson, Paradise NL Canada
Third Place: Keith Holdsworth, Toronto ON Canada

Class 21. Concours
Don Haytor Top Points:
  Dana Rindge of Amston CT USA with a 1968
   Grampian Grey MG-C GT
Award of Excellence:
  Dennis Cestra of Pittsburgh PA USA with a 1964
   Black Midget
  Ralph Brown of Wanaque NJ USA with a 1969
   Tartan Red Midget
Honorable Mention:
  Reginald Loraine of Burlington ON Canada with a 1964
   Tartan Red MGB Roadster (original owner)
  Peter Mittler of Oshawa ON Canada with a 1997
   Solar Red MG-F
Certificate of Merit:
  Michael Oliva of Weymouth MA USA with a 1966
   Carmine Red MGB Roadster

Class 22. MGT & Prewar – All Years
First Place: Brian Aldous, Lewiston NY USA
Second Place: Tim Hall, Lindsay ON Canada
Third Place: John Oldroyd, Mississauga ON Canada

Class 23. MGA – All Years
First Place: Darvin Planeaux, Marco Island FL USA
Second Place: Mark McCarraher, Boyertown PA USA
Third Place: James Black, Orchard Park NY USA

Class 24. Other MG – All Years
First Place: Michael Lutz, Phoenix MD USA

Class 25. Other British
First Place: Rick Magro, Grand Island NY USA
Second Place: James Borkman, Clarence NY USA
Third Place: Dennis Blevins, Quarryville PA USA

Class 26. Photo
First Place: Jean MacFarlane, Toronto, ON
Second Place: Tom and Annette Bader, Akron, OH
Third Place: Eugene Stodolak, Hamilton, ON

Class 27. Model
First place: Jon Rosenthall, Toronto, ON
Second Place: Gloria Ciarocca, Lancaster PA

Class 28. Craft
First Place: Myron Sielski, Welland, ON
Second Place: Sybil Hennebury, Bolton, ON
Third Place: Sue MacDuff, Peterborough, NH

Class 29. Rocker Cover Racing
First Place: Alyssa Lewis, Hamersley, Western Australia
Second Place: Lian Shoviak, Waterville, Ohio
Third Place: Kendall Clark, Wichita KS

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