MG 2010 is now in the history books and we are all looking forward to future NAMGBR events.  As an organisation, The MG Car Club of Toronto is extremely proud of all the hard work and effort expended by our club members and volunteers to make this convention the success that it apparently was.  We also wish to thank all of those who attended from across Canada, the United States and in several cases, the world.  Without your participation, our efforts would all be for naught.

Friday, June 25th's Track Day at Shannonville lapping consistency results can be found here: Track Day Results

Saturday, June 26th's car show results can be found here: Car Show Results.

Photos from MG 2010 can be found on our photos page but this is still an ongoing process. You are also invited to check out photos from MG 2010 that may be made available through other forums by searching the web using Google (or other search engine) for the term "photos from MG2010 Belleville".

Now that MG 2010 is over, here are some statistics that visitors might find of interest.

* OVer 50 MG & British car clubs were represented at MG 2010

* A total of 241 cars were registered for Saturday's car show

* There were 246 registrations for MG 2010, 57% of which were from the USA and 41% from Canada

* The furthest distance driven to MG 2010 was by #074, Joseph & Marjorie Carroll from North Vancouver, British Columbia - approximately 2,500 miles, however, the furthest distance travelled was by #141, Tim Bayley & Janet Southwick from Nelson, New Zealand. Also, special mention must be made of #011, Roger Pratten and his 2003 MG TF135 as the furthest travelled MG. Roger brought his car to Belleville from his home in the U.K. as part of his 5000 mile driving tour of North America.

* And finally, for what it's worth, 45% of registrations for MG 2010 were emailed, 39% were mailed, 12% were faxed while 9% found some other way to get their registrations to us.